Ways to Beat the Rain on Your Wedding Bachelor Party Trip

Don’t let a rainy day ruin your bachelor party.

With an endless amount of options at your disposal you can still bring in the celebration of marriage and stay dry. Here are a few ideas on how to get the most out of your rainy day.

San Diego Party Bus

With a San Diego party bus rental you can have your best men living the night of their lives as you stay out of the rain. Party buses have room to walk around, dance, and live it up. Securing a San Diego bus rental gives you the options of a grand suite but on wheels.


Just because the weather is against you, don’t feel like the fun has to end. Rent a party bus Seattle WA loves and have the driver drop you and your team off at a bowling alley, night club or what ever you had in mind, and when you are set to go to the next location bring the party back to the bus and keep it goin strong.

Seattle Party Bus Rental

Head out to the theater, stop by some ritzy hotel lounges or bars. And into the hottest indoor attractions available. Were you are planning on hitting the beach for a swim? With the rain coming down this may seem like a redundant event, but what if you found a great indoor pool with a spa and sauna.


Once you find a few roofs to stay under with great fun inside and a party bus waiting for you after each stop you will be set for a night on the town, with your excitement and celebration drowning out the storm around you.

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