Wedding Planning: Get Instant Price Quote for your Reliable and Cheap Party Bus DC for your Flawless Wedding.

Those who’ve been dreaming of the ‘perfect day’ for years may love the process of carefully choosing every aspect of the big event.

But those who are encountering what is most likely the largest expense of their adult lives up to this point may cringe at the ballooning bill for the festivities The cost of the average wedding in the United States is in excess of $20,000,meaning it may feel like you must under stake a significant debt to host your wedding.

DC Party Bus Service

And yet, it does not have to be an either/or proposition. You can have a beautiful, enjoyable, and memorable wedding on a budget if you can be flexible and willing to contemplate some less costly alternatives even then you can afford to hire DC limo Service.

One of the simplest ways to save on wedding costs is do consider what you can do yourself. You or someone you know might have a home that could be used for a reception venue. Perhaps someone you know sews and can alter a low-cost gown to fit you (think beyond the bridal shop- many other formal dresses are appropriate for brides at a fraction of the cost). Maybe you can find a photographer or musician just starting out who will charge less than a more established pro.

DC Party Bus Prom Rental

Evaluate your guest list- while you may need to invite Aunt Mary no matter what, you can reasonably say no to co-workers and members of social groups that you are not close to.

Ensure they’ll keep your date available with ‘save the date cards’- yet send them by email rather than use postage. For the invitations themselves as well as programs, print them yourselves or use a low-cost copy shop instead of ordering engraved printed materials.

Be frugal, who cares!

Think out of the box in as many ways as you can; let go of a Friday or Saturday event and save significantly on costs related to the venue rental but for other vendors as well. You’ll also be more likely to find vendors willing to give a better deal on prices in an off-peak season. Consider serving appetizers rather than a plated meal and offering a signature drink instead of an open bar. Keep it simple; more impact is made by concentrating on a few key details than by orchestrating everything to perfection by  Limo service in Washington DC.


For flowers, aim for what is in season and what will give the most bang for the buck. Re-purpose flowers from the ceremony into your reception and remember that a little color can go a long way.

You may be able to purchase flowers from a farmer’s market and either arrange them yourself or pay someone for that service at a lower cost than a full-service florist.

Less than half of favors make it home, so either make them cheaply- or fore go favors altogether. Encourage your guests to take candid photos, then assemble them into an online album and invite everyone to view and comment on them. Being frugal doesn’t mean you have to give up a beautiful wedding.


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