Symbols of Good Luck You Can Only Hope to See on Your Wedding Day

Did you see a four-leafed clover in the grass while walking up to your venue?

What about a pair of doves flying in the distance? Did you see a picture of an elephant? If you spotted any of these things, it seems the universe is in your favor. These are just a couple of the good luck symbols from around the world, and to see them on your wedding day is certainly a good omen!

Symbols of Good Luck You Can Only Hope to See on Your Wedding Day

What are some other things you may be granted good luck from?


Some may say getting a great price on a Chicago Charter Bus Company is good luck, but we provide them all year round!


Although acorns are abundant, they are said to carry energies of luck with them, as so the oak tree that they came from. This stems from ancient Norse folklore, but is still honored by some today.

Good Luck Symbols to See on Your Wedding Day

Seeing a rainbow is always good luck, but if you see one on your wedding day, you are surely blessed! Something even more unique like a Chicago Tours Bus, is seeing a double rainbow. This is a sign that your life is about to positively change.


Did you see a cricket on the ride over in a Chicago Charter Bus Rental? Or do you hear a cricket chiming in the corner of the venue?

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Before you decide to kill it, think again. Crickets are valuable to both Native American cultures, as well as certain European cultures. It’s said to be very bad luck to kill a cricket, and that their song brings good luck to those who hear it!

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It may be rare, like our Salt Lake City Party Bus, but sometimes a ladybug will land on someone hand.

If one lands on you, be sure to check its spots. Ancient folklore says that’s how many children you will have. Call us Now – (888) 748-4929

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