3 Designated Areas You’ll Need for a Fall Wedding

Depending on where you have decided to have your wedding, it may be possible, and a good idea to create designated areas in your venue. Separating areas in the venue can help you keep things clean, guests happy, and things organized.

Organizing the Wedding Venue with Designated Areas

If you want to explore this idea more, then check out these great ideas to help you keep everything in its place.

If you would like your wedding to be as organized as a Chicago Tours Bus, then consider adding a self coat check area. Of course, you can always hire someone to do this, or you can create a simple system to let guess hang and access their coats themselves.

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Having a coat check is important for the venue aesthetics, the last thing you’d want is a puffy coat hanging on every chair and falling into the aisles.

When the Chicago Charter Bus Company drops your guests off at the door, they will likely have nice and clean shoes. However, if your guests need to go outside for any reason, it can lead to a muddy mess on the floors. Consider adding a “mudroom,” as close to the entrance as possible. This is where guests can remove muddy or wet items. This is a perfect idea for no-shoes weddings.

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Do you want your wedding to be as festive as Chicago Party Bus? Add a conversation or socialization area.  The key is to draw the crowd into the area by offering snacks, coffee, water, and the like.

That way for the people just arriving, they can get into the venue without squeezing around hordes of people. Call us today –  (888) 748-4929

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