A Party Bus DC Rental Is Going to Be a Great Time for This Upcoming Prom

There are so many companies advertising party buses, but few that actually deliver what is boasted about on their website.

Party Bus DC Rental

April 17, 2018 (Washington, DC) – Prom is just around the corner. For parents who expected it to be much further off in the distance, it can be quite the surprise. Usually these events sneak up on people, especially when they least expect it. Even though a parent may have waited until last minute to consider booking a party bus DC rental service, it’s not too late.

A quality DC party bus rental is easy to find.

Cheap Party Bus

That doesn’t mean all of them are quality. In fact, many companies that advertise a DC party bus don’t actually have genuine party buses in their fleet. They may have what they call a party bus, but it’s nothing more than a converted old school bus. Imagine the look of disappointment on the face of your teenage son or daughter and his or her friends when that old, repeated school bus arrives with blacked out windows.

They expect quality while you might be focused on a cheap party bus.

Party Bus DC Rental

While they aren’t necessarily cheapest party bus rental company out there, Cheap Party Bus DC is one of the leaders. This family owned and operated company has been around for more than 20 years providing the utmost in quality, support, safety, and reliability. They not only have true, genuine party buses in their fleet, all incredible vehicles teenagers and adults alike would love.

They make everyone feel like a celebrity, no matter how many are traveling in their group.

DC Party Bus Rentals

We put all their drivers through safe driver training program, random drug testing, and an intensive background screening check to ensure safety. We also have 24 hour a day, 7 day a week customer service and support, meaning parents can call and check in on how their teenagers are doing on prom night.

That phone number is 888.748.4929 and their website, for more information and to make reservations, is

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