6 Unique Ways to Propose to your Significant Other

Do you want to do more than take your significant other out to dinner then ask them to marry you?

Do you want a way to ask that is so unique that it reflects exactly how you feel about them?

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If you take some time to reflect on your relationship and wonderful memories you’ve had–you can find a beautiful and intimate way to ask them to be with you for the rest of your life.


Almost as exciting as a party bus rental AZ loves, you can pop the question at a monumental moment, during an experience that brings you closer together, and makes you remember why you love each other. What are some of these moments? Dive into what they love and are passionate about—do you share any passions together? Do you both love reading? Why not add an extra page in the book they are reading to ask? Do you love music? Pop the question while seeing their favourite band in concert.

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Are they romantic? Take them out in a DC limo bus, visit vineyards for local wine tasting then go somewhere to gaze at the stars. We have a limo bus rental DC can depend on for luxury.


Sure, you both love a Phoenix party bus rental, but what is your partner’s favourite things? Think of ways to incorporate that into your proposal.


Do they read the local newspaper every morning, what about listen to local radio stations, or drive by the same billboard every day—you can use all these things to your advantage for a larger than life way to pop the question. Call us today at (888) 748-4929

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