5 Neat Things to DIY Build for Your Wedding

Do you feel like getting a little creative for your big day? Well this is certainly one of the best opportunities to show off your crafty side or carpentry skills.

If you want your wedding to be as unique as a Party Bus DC, explore the myriad of items that you can build for your big day, right in your own backyard.

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Have you been considering games for reception entertainment? Family fun games are a great way to bring your friends and family together to share laughs. Do you remember the old edge of your seat classic known as Jenga? It’s the game about being decisively careful, and where one wrong move, bump, or thump can end the game in a second.

Look up ideas as great as our Phoenix Party Bus Rental online. You can find tons of DIY instructions on how to make your very own backyard giant Jenga—a crowd pleaser for sure!

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Do you plan on offering mixed drinks at your wedding reception? Well here is your chance to make your own bar. Even with minimal carpentry skills a bar is relatively easy to make, so long as you can accurately measure and cut. A new trend is creating pallet bars, out of old recycled wood from shipping pallets. This type of wood adds a nice old-world style that is surprisingly pleasing to the eye, like a Limo Bus Rental DC loves for its luxury design.

If you want to create a grand appearance and have romantic lighting, why not consider building your own wooden chandelier? Make it as creative as a Party Bus Rental AZ appreciates!

 Other DIY building ideas:

Wooden wheelbarrow cooler

Raised flower beds

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