Fun Activities and Games for a Survivalist Wedding

Do you and yours practice survival skills and find them important?

Over the past few years many shows have launched featuring keys on how to survive on a desert island, or how to use your basic camping skills and take them to the next level. Fun, informative, and practical—these art of survival techniques can be used as a unique way to engage your guests in fun reception games and teach them something at the same time.

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Almost as fun as a Lincoln party bus, if it gets dark you can still entertain guests by pointing out the constellations and stars: Big Dipper, Polaris, and Cassiopeia. Just by this knowledge guests can figure out which direction is north and star gaze at the same time!


Like our Charter bus rental Orlando FL loves, it doesn’t get much less expensive than this—let guests figure out how to determine cardinal direction by taking a walk through the woods. Being attentive to the way things grow can tell us a lot. Growth is more lush on the southern side of trees in the northern hemisphere, with the opposite in the southern hemisphere.

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After your wedding, your guests will feel better about where they’re going already! Although, there is no need for the ride home or after party because our Orlando party bus rental chauffeurs know the area like the back of their hand!


If your wedding takes place near a field or dense woods, this can also be an opportunity to provide a few simple pictures and let guests identify wild plants. Even in urban areas flowers like dandelion, chicory, chickweed, and violet can be found and easily identified.


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